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Dometic GO Camp Seat Heater

Personal Camp Seat Heater with Adjustable Heat

Dometic’s CMP-H1 Personal Camp Seat Heater ups your comfort ante while outdoors, providing three levels of warmth. It is constructed from durable, water resistant fabric and the efficient heating system provides consistent, even warmth, while being used with a 5V USB-A or 12V vehicle or accessory battery. The seat heater has an internal temperature sensor cut off at 130°F (55°C) and 45min auto shut-off for added safety.

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Product Highlights

Three Heating Modes
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Three Heating Modes

Choose from low, medium, or high heat

Versatile Power Options
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Versatile Power Options

Uses 5V USB-A or a 12V battery with adapters for both included (battery not included)

Durable Construction
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Durable Construction

Made of water-resistant, resilient fabric and efficient heating elements

Safety Sensors
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Safety Sensors

Internal temperature sensor cut off at 130°F (55°C) and 45min auto shut-off

Carry Case
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Carry Case

Zippered carrying case holds seat heater and power cord adapters

Multiple Uses
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Multiple Uses

Use to keep you warm at camp or to prewarm your sleeping bag

Can be used while seated or as a sleeping bag pre-warmer

Includes three heating modes: low, medium, high

Constructed from durable, water resistant fabric and efficient heating elements

Has an internal temperature sensor cut off at 130°F (55°C) and 45min auto shut-off for added safety

Uses 5V USB-A or a 12V battery with adapters for both included (battery not included)

Carrying case Included

Can run off of a Dometic hardwire kit

Unpacked Dimensions 13.78"L x 17.72"W x 0.79"H

Size: 1 Person

Part of the Dometic Go collection

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Personal Camp Seat Heater with Adjustable Heat

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Dometic CMP-H1 - Operating Manual EMEA20

Operating Manual


Dometic "Go" Dometic CMP-B2; CMP-C1; CMP-C2; CMP-T4; CMP-TB; CMP-H1; GLO-A500; PAC-H50; PAC-S20; PAC-S10; PAC-IN20; PAC-IN10; HYD-J11; HYD-W, - Warranty AMER(en)

Warranty Document

Go Get Cozy at Camp

Go Get Cozy at Camp

At the end of a long day, there’s nothing like curling up by a warm fire. The Camp Seat Heater makes it even easier to create the comfort you seek with its three levels of warmth. Simply place it under your seat for a little bit more comfort while cooking or relaxing at camp.

The Dometic Go Collection

The Dometic Go Collection

Dometic GO includes everything you need to get outside: Mobile Cooling - powered coolers and ice chests, the versatile Table that adjusts to three different heights, comfortable and communal seating with the Compact Camp Chair and the Compact Camp Bench, and Hard Storage and soft Portable Gear Storage that makes it simple to bring along all of your essential gear. The Insulated Insert also turns your Portable Gear Storage into a soft-sided cooler in seconds and the Hydration Water Faucet and Hydration Water Jug let you store and dispense the water you need without wasting a drop. The Blanket will be your go-to for ground cover and chilly campfire nights; end the day with the warmth of your Personal Camp Heater and you’ll never leave home without Dometic GO.

Effortless Outdoors

Effortless Outdoors

Dometic GO is designed with outdoor adventures in mind. Every product in our collection helps equip you to get out there faster, stay out there more comfortably, and embrace the outdoors with family and friends. Dometic GO makes the outdoors effortless with lightweight, resilient gear that fits into the back of your car to get you on the road to your next adventure. Get going, and get exploring, with Dometic GO.

Go Get Some Good Sleep

Go Get Some Good Sleep

Improve your sleep quality with our Camp Seat Heater by creating a warm, welcoming environment when you prewarm your sleeping bag. Drop off more quickly — and wake up refreshed in the morning.

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