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Electric Coolers

From chilled beverages on lazy lake days to fresh food on the most epic off-grid adventures, an electric cooler reimagines an essential camping companion: No ice needed. More space and consistent temperature for the eggs, the beer, and the extra bacon in the CFX. Reliability and efficiency — without compromise. The industry-shaping electric compressor technology inside every Dometic powered cooler means less worry and more of whatever inspires you to get outside in the first place—whether that’s the open road, twisting trails, or the perfect spot beneath the stars.

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    Powered Coolers

    Explore our collection of powered coolers, the ultimate solution for portable refrigeration on the go. Our powered coolers combine the convenience of an electric cooler with the portability of a traditional cooler. With the ability to run on multiple power sources such as AC, DC, and even solar, Dometic powered coolers provide reliable cooling wherever you are. Whether you're camping, boating, or traveling in your RV, these coolers keep your food and drinks chilled without the need for ice. Experience the freedom and versatility of a powered cooler by checking out our offering of electric coolers. Upgrade your outdoor adventures with Dometic's innovative powered coolers.

    12v cooler

    Dometic has a wide range of 12V coolers, the perfect solution for keeping your food and beverages cool while on the move. Designed for convenience and portability, our 12V coolers can be easily powered by your vehicle's 12V outlet, making them ideal for road trips, camping, and other outdoor activities. These coolers offer efficient cooling performance, keeping your items chilled even in hot weather. With features like temperature control and low power consumption, Dometic's 12V coolers provide a reliable and hassle-free cooling experience. Explore our selection of powered coolers and enjoy the convenience of portable refrigeration wherever your adventures take you.

    And if you want a freezer instead, no problem. Portable compressor coolers can also operate as portable freezers, and some, like the Dometic CFX3 75DZ, can be used as a refrigerator and freezer simultaneously. Like thermoelectric coolers, these can run on 12V DC and 240V AC power sources; some are solar-compatible as well.

    Small, Medium or Large Electric Coolers

    Explore our wide range of electric coolers designed to meet your specific cooling needs for outdoor adventures. Whether you're looking for a small, medium, or large electric cooler, Dometic has the perfect solution to keep your food and drinks fresh and chilled.

    Our small electric coolers are compact and portable, making them ideal for day trips, picnics, or solo outings. Despite their small size, these coolers offer excellent cooling performance and can easily fit in your vehicle's trunk or backseat.

    If you need a bit more space, our medium electric coolers are versatile and offer a balance between capacity and portability. Perfect for weekend getaways, camping trips, or small groups, these coolers provide ample storage for your cooling needs.

    For those seeking maximum storage capacity, our large electric coolers are designed to handle extended trips and larger groups. With spacious interiors and robust cooling capabilities, these coolers can accommodate all your food and beverage requirements.

    All our electric coolers are powered by efficient and reliable technology, ensuring consistent cooling performance. With features like adjustable temperature control, low power consumption, and compatibility with different power sources, Dometic powered coolers provide a convenient and hassle-free cooling experience.

    Explore our range of small, medium, and large electric coolers and find the perfect cooling companion for your next outdoor adventure. Trust Dometic to deliver exceptional cooling solutions that enhance your outdoor lifestyle.

    Electric cooler Accessories

    Dometic offers electric cooler add-ons like slides for your truck, SUV, or trailer; protective covers; strap kits; replacement parts; and more.