Dometic DMA 4084

Absorption Refrigerator, 8-cubic-foot, left-hinged refrigerator with premium controls and fan

Our sleek, residential style refrigerators will have you forgetting you ever left home. The Dometic DMA 4000 Series refrigerator automatically controls the cooling unit based on the surrounding ambient temperature, ensuring efficient performance and perfect food temperatures. Our refrigerators use a solid steel frame construction and easy-to-use, improved electronic controls.

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Product Highlights

Aesthetic Design
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Aesthetic Design

Residential style stainless steel door adds kitchen appeal.

Keep Food Fresh
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Keep Food Fresh

Our refrigerator keeps food fresher, longer

Built to travel
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Built to travel

Recessed side pocket active latching handles keep doors closed during travel

Cooling Performance Like Never Before
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Cooling Performance Like Never Before

Exterior fans come standard on all models

Go Anywhere
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Go Anywhere

Absorption refrigeration is built for durability with a steel frame, meaning no moving parts and best of all, silent operation.

Flex Your Power
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Flex Your Power

Our refrigerators are dry-camping ready

Stainless Steel Door

Recessed Side Pocket Latching Handle

Flexible Shelf System

Adjustable Bins

8-cubic-feet Capacity

Exterior fans standard

Durable Steel Frame

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Absorption Refrigerator, 8-cubic-foot, left-hinged refrigerator with premium controls and fan




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Dometic DM DMA - Operating Manual AMER(en)

Operating Manual

Flexible Energy Sources

Flexible Energy Sources

Our residential style refrigerators get the job done and look good doing it. Our thoughtfully-designed sleek, stainless-steel style looks good in any kitchen and is built to handle the road. The design features tight radius corners, rolled edges and a recessed side pocket latching handle. The flexible shelf system and adjustable bins allow users to get the full benefit of its large capacity. Its two-way power options (AC and LP Gas) offer users the flexibility to travel anywhere and still retain the service of a fridge freezer. Exterior mounted fans are now standard on all models- increasing the cooling performance.

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