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Tow behind RV and truck at campsite.

FreshJet 3 Series RV AC

Stay cooler for longer. New powerful Dometic RV Air Conditioners that can keep you cool whatever the adventure.

Fresh design, superior cooling performance, optimized airflow, amazingly quiet operation - these are the outstanding features of Dometic’s new generation of rv ac units.

Reduced noise

Quieter than other roof air conditioners available in the market

Super energy efficiency

Reduced power consumption and optimized AirFlow

Superior cooling performance

The cabin is cooled down in record time

Sleek Design, Great Performance

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"The new FreshJet series deliver a real transformational change in the industry by bringing to the market an extremely silent, very powerful, high energy efficient and a better environmental solution overall, demonstrating a clear Sustainable shift in our product offering."

Raùl de la Fuente, Head of HVAC products

Cool down and relax

Invest in your comfort and rest. The FreshJet FJX3 series simplify the way you cool your coach. Easily set the temperature and fan speed with a touch of a button on the Air Distribution Box to welcome refreshing air. Our custom blower system quietly moves 280 cubic feet of cool air per minute, enabling quick cooling in hot ambient temperatures.

Sleep soundly

The quality of the time you spend with loved ones and the outdoors should never be affected by something you can control like the interior climate of your RV. Adventure filled days out and about in nature require a good night’s sleep. It’s easy to enjoy your time in the the elements when you know you have a cool and quiet RV to retreat to and rest up for tomorrow’s adventure. A good night’s sleep is waiting for you with the Dometic FreshJet Series.

Offgrid camping in the desert

Invest in your rest

Splurge in adventure