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Dometic iAudit

The digital memory for iaudit trails



All safe operations must be documented – for your own security and for your insurance provider. This is where Dometic’s iAudit system offers a truly convenient solution.
All Premium prosafe models feature a special microchip with storage capacity for the last 1,000 events. That means: any operation (locking, unlocking, emergency-opening requests, etc.) can be tracked and iAudited at any time – even over a number of years. The information is transferred from the safe to a protected server via the Dometic SD card device, which works with common SD cards.

All proSafe MD models from Premium Class have a matching interface for connection to the SD card reader. The iAudit protocol can be printed out at any time, simply by using your PC’s printer. This avoids the need for special iAudit trail printers.