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Clean Cruiser Project

Clean Cruiser Project


Clean Cruiser Project

Nathan Stuart & Steven Ploog (PINKY AND THE BRAIN) "People want to do the right thing, sometimes we just don't know how to go about it."

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Recreational travel is hard on our environment, and overlanding is no exception. We've set out to prove that with little inconvenience we can all reduce our wastes and offset our carbon emissions. The Clean Cruiser Project began with two rusty Land Cruisers, a couple of beers, and a dream to embark on a 60-day overland expedition from Paso Robles, California to Panama. Throughout this expedition, the trucks will be put to the test; washed out roads, deep sand beaches, steep mountain passes, and wet/thick jungle await The Girls. We are entirely confident that these trucks can handle anything we throw at them. We will journey through all seven countries in Central America investigating local conservation efforts and the impact they have on the surrounding communities, and the world as a whole.

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As the rust was removed the goal evolved. In the true spirit of adventure, we sought to add to the challenge by completing the entire expedition carbon neutral. We are turning to biofuels and reforestation efforts to accomplish this mission. After a few calculations we discovered that planting roughly 200 trees would neutralize the vehicles carbon emissions. Still, we wanted to make a more significant impact.

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The Clean Cruiser team will be producing a web-based reality series which will focus on conservation efforts around the world, and, of course, the vehicles themselves. We will travel to conservation sites, lending a hand and gaining an understanding of the impact these efforts are making on our planet. We will follow Leave No Trace practices, and mitigate waste whenever possible. We want to show that you can enjoy the overlanding experience and still be environmentally conscious.

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