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Dometic introduces mega plate electro-hydraulic jack plate for large, high horsepower outboards

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Dometic introduces mega plate electro-hydraulic jack plate for large, high horsepower outboards

Litchfield, IL – October 25, 2021 Dometic launches new electro-hydraulic jack plate system engineered for today’s popular outboard engines up to 600 horsepower. Provides superior ride control and performance to a new class of boats,along with advanced integration with MFDs.

Dometic's electro hydraulic jack plate for high horsepower boats.

Dometic Marine has unveiled its new Mega Plate — a meticulously engineered and robustly built electrohydraulic jack plate system designed for today’s large, heavy and powerful outboard motors. This includes the new V12 600 horsepower engine from Mercury.

This latest addition from Dometic made its global industry debut at the 2021 International Boat Builder Exposition & Conference (IBEX) in Tampa, Florida.

Dometic’s Mega Plate expands the company’s jack plate offerings to cover gasoline engines over 400HP rating. It will be offered in 6-inch, 8-inch and 10-inch setbacks to accommodate a range of installations and will come in two versions: A standard bolt pattern for Yamaha XTO and Mercury 450R engines, and a wide bolt pattern for Mercury 500 and 600 horsepower outboards.

This new system brings the many advantages of jack plate engine height control — including better top speed, fuel economy and shallow water hole shot performance — to today’s large offshore center consoles and fishing boats.

Mega Plate has been rigorously cycle tested by Dometic engineers to ensure product longevity and robustness. Mega Plate includes four sacrificial Novalloy anodes to minimize corrosion in the harsh saltwater environment. It also includes the built-in ability to mount Power Pole shallow water anchor systems directly to the sides of the plate.

Mega Plate brings smooth, rigid control of the ride experience to this popular class of boats, but that’s just the beginning. A built-in Smartstick linear position sensor and the ability to easily integrate with Dometic Digital Switching technology compatible with all HTML5 capable MFDs give boaters complete control of multiple engine height positions just with the touch of a finger.

Dometic’s Mega Plate will be a must-have performance accessory for this extremely popular category of saltwater boats.

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