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Dometic Receives Rina Certification For Electric Power Steering

Dometic Receives Rina Certification For Electric Power Steering

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Dometic Receives Rina Certification For Electric Power Steering

Dometic's Vancouver facility has received RINA Approval and Certification for its Optimus 5000 Electronic Power Steering System (EPS). The approval opens door for growth in yachting and commercial marine markets for Dometic.


RINA Services S.p.A, based in Genova, Italy, is one of the world’s oldest internationally recognized ship classification organizations. Receiving RINA Type Approval on the Optimus 5000 EPS for both pleasure and commercial vessels under 500 metric tons will have a positive effect on Dometic Marine’s business around the world. The approval has already resulted in the first customer order.

“This is an important step for our company that will help us expand our marine steering system business into the global yacht and commercial marine markets,’ said Eric Fetchko, President of Dometic Marine.

Dometic Optimus 5000 EPS is an advanced steering system engineered for inboard vessels ranging from 40 to 100-plus feet in length.

RINA certification of a product is granted only after the completion of a thorough auditing process. Dometic Vancouver (where the Optimus 5000 EPS is designed and manufactured) was required to provide RINA auditors with extensive evidence to support superior manufacturing practices, quality control systems and robust product design. Satisfactory completion of the process demonstrates that the Optimus 5000 EPS is a unique steering system that yacht and commercial vessel designers and builders can trust and rely on.


Typical large classified yacht steering systems use 380-volt AC power supplies with continuously running three-phase electric motors. Dometic’s 24-volt DC system delivers on-demand hydraulic power, providing the shipbuilders with significant savings in cost, complexity and weight. The Optimus system’s design and CAN bus communication network vastly simplify the wiring requirements.
In addition to providing shipbuilders with enhanced simplicity and easier installation, Optimus 5000 EPS enables operators to set a variety of advanced steering parameters to provide yachts and commercial vessels with “sports car” like steering.

“We are grateful for all the hard work and effort our team has put with RINA auditors to complete this process and secure this important certification. We are excited about the many new growth opportunities this presents for Dometic Marine around the world,” added Fetchko.

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