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Dometic supports Dakar Press Team during the toughest rally in the world

Dometic supports Dakar Press Team during the toughest rally in the world

Stockholm, Sweden – January 13, 2022 Dometic equipment is an essential part of the vehicles of the Dakar Press Team, a group of media professionals who officially report from the toughest rally in the world, “Le Dakar.”

“Le Dakar” or Dakar Rally attracts millions of people who view the event and follow media about the race. For media professionals who cover this event, their vehicle and its equipment are an important asset for their working environment.

Dometic has been supporting such professionals for over a decade with its durable and smart-designed gears. For the 2022 Dakar Rally, Dometic again made sure that reporting under the toughest conditions of the desert has become far more comfortable.

Deployed equipment are: Dometic CFX cooling box, windows, eStore battery, power supply, connectivity to solar panels, camera system, lighting, and a safe.

Léon Jansen, leading journalist of Dakar Press Team says; “Le Dakar is definitely the toughest rally in the world. Not only for the crew, but also for its equipment and vehicles. So, for us, it’s very important, that we use gear that we can rely on but also have a bit of luxury.

“Comfort in the extremely hot days and cold nights of the desert, and let's not forget all the sand that will get into every little opening during the race. The Dometic products are absolutely fitted for the job.”

2022 Dakar Rally runs from January 1st to 14th and will be the 18th year in a row that Dometic supports The Dakar Press Team in their journey.

Dakar Press Team car

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