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Brisk II Evolution 15K with Heat Pump

Rooftop Air Conditioner with Heat Pump, 15,000 BTU, standard profile, Ducted or Non-Ducted Application
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15,000 BTU, heat pump, standard profile rooftop air conditioner

Innovative design maximizes airflow and efficiency

EPP foam housing reduces weight and increases cooling performance

19% lighter than previous Brisk models, allowing for easy installation and maintenance

Custom composite laminated shroud is UV-protected for lasting durability

Fits standard 14 in x 14 in / 35 cm roof vent openings

Requires Return Air Grille, control kit and Capacitive Touch (CT) thermostat for ducted applications or Air Distribution Box for non-ducted applications

DUO-THERM Penguin, Brisk Air, and Quick Cool Roof Top Air Conditioning Installation and Operation Manual

Installation and Operating Manual

Superior climate control

Superior climate control

What makes Brisk air conditioners best-in-class of any standard RV rooftop air conditioner for their weight, air flow and capacity? There are various factors that combine to achieve market leading results. These include the large air openings which promote superior air flow and cooling capacity, while the EPP foam housing both reduces weight and also contributes to improved cooling. The Brisk is incredibly robust, components such as its carbon steel base have proven their durability by coming through vibration tests lasting for 30 hours and more! The optional heater function is ideal for use on cool evenings, with a multispeed blower for users to adjust according to their cooling or heating needs. Finally, great care has been taken to reduce operating noise: with the motor, compressor and evaporator bracketed together for vibration-free, quiet operation. Long copper lines and dual rubber bushings are also responsible for minimizing noise and vibration. Allowing you to enjoy comfortable temperatures in peace and quiet!

NASA needed air conditioning in their lunar rover. Guess who they called?

NASA needed air conditioning in their lunar rover. Guess who they called?

In 2011, NASA was on the lookout for an air conditioning system to install in their lunar electric rover. They decided they needed expert help and consulted numerous suppliers. Finally, after a rigorous selection process, the space agency chose Dometic. “We’ve had a lot of firsts over the years, but this custom job presented special challenges for our engineers,” said a spokesperson for Dometic. After extensive trials in Arizona, where the system had to keep scientists and their equipment cool and dry, our technology is now ready for extra-terrestrial duty.

Heavy-duty cooling for tough environments

Heavy-duty cooling for tough environments

Dometic's commercial grade rooftop air conditioners are performance-tested to overcome harsh or unusual road and weather conditions. Many standard units break down after just four hours of extreme vibration testing, while the Brisk II is still going strong at 30 hours and more! The galvanized steel top plate provides lasting strength while long copper lines minimize vibration and, therefore, noise too. While being one of the toughest air conditioners around, its 410A refrigerant is kinder to the environment. Robust, lightweight and capable of performing in any environment! It won't let you down.

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