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Dometic LP Gas Checker

Pocket-sized, gas level indicator

Quick and easy check of your LP gas level. Make life easier when you use liquid propane gas for appliances in your camper, RV, boat, or home. The Dometic LP GasChecker tells you in just a few seconds how full—or empty—a propane tank is.

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Provides a reliable measurement of gas level in propane tanks

Ideal for use in recreational vehicles, boats and while camping

For use on steel and aluminum propane tanks

Easy to use

Small and lightweight, easy to stow away

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Gas Checker

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Gas level checker, manual

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Pocket-sized, gas level indicator

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Dometic LPG10SP - Operating Manual AMER(en-fr-es)

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WARNINGCancer or Reproductive Harm

Check LP gas levels

Check LP gas levels

The handy DometicGasChecker means no more wondering how full your LP tank is. This practical device tells you in a few seconds how full or empty a propane tank is. The fill-level indicator is based on ultrasonic technology - perfect for all commonly available steel and aluminum propane tanks with a diameter of 8 to 14 in/200 to 350 mm. Simply press the rubber-tipped probe: a green light means there is gas at the point where the measurement is taken; a red light means there is none.

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