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Delibox FAQ

The Delibox at a glance

Upgrade your delivery fleet with the HACCP compliant Dometic DeliBox. The innovative catering box makes it easy to maintain the right temperature from the restaurant to the customer’s doorstep. Explore the Delibox features and read about how to get started in our FAQ section.

Active cooling and heating from 2 °C to 70 °C

Deliver hot pizzas and cold drinks and sallads. Simply set the ideal temperature for the food you wish to deliver. The optional battery pack offers up to 2-4 h independent operiation without external power supply.

Modular compartment size and stay-in-place brackets

The shelf can be positioned on three different levels to adjust the storage space. Adjustable fixing brackets keep the food in place, even when the road´s bumpy.

Heavy-duty construction

Durable, weatherproof design to withstand tough outdoor conditions in all climates. Protect your food with a safe closing and a mechanical lock.

Energy-saving LED light

Have everything in sight, even in dark surroundings.

Clean air and easy to keep fresh

Cold plasma ionization effectively removes smells and germs between deliveries. Food-contact safe interior that is easy to clean.

Branding and exposure

Single wrapped aluminium sheet for customisable branding opportunities makes sure your service is visible and generates attention on the streets.

Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is the difference between the two Delibox models?

The standard version DEL90H, features active heating and cold plasma Ion-technology. Using the included insulation shelf, you could easily create dual temperature zone inside, with upper compartment in heating zone and lower compartment remaining ambient temperature.

The dual version DEL90HC, features active heating, active cooling, and cold plasma Ion-technology. Select “Zone Control” in the menu, you could easily set the box to dual (“Both ON”), heating-only or cooling-only modes. With the box in dual mode, you could use the included insulation shelf to create dual temperature zone, with upper compartment in heating zone and lower compartment in cooling zone. 


2. Do you ship to my country?

For now, Delibox could be shipped within EMEA, US and Canada. If you are based in EMEA, email your enquiry and contact information to If you are based in US or Canada, email your enquiry and contact information to We strive to respond to you as soon as possible.


3. Can I use Delibox with external power supply?

Delibox could be powered by external DC power supply with rated output above 12V/10A, such as Dometic PLB40 portable battery. Delibox is shipped with one connection cable with cigarette lighter plug.

We recommend the use of DEL90 battery, since it fits sleekly inside the box and will continuously power the unit for 3-5 hours depending on the ambient temperature.


4. What’s the life span of DEL90 battery?

DEL90 battery is rated to provide over 1,000 charging cycles (minimum 70% capacity remain). Store and charge the battery at normal indoor temperature. Avoid depleting the battery entirely before storage.   


5. How do I mount Delibox on my vehicle?

For two-wheeler mounting:

Delibox features a bottom structure that could be mounted onto a mounting rack, using M6 or M8 screws. Make sure that the rack could load minimum 50kg, and Delibox is secured with at least 4 mounting points. Detail instructions could be found in the user manual.  

For vehicle trunk mounting:

Delibox is compatible with Dometic CFX3 QFK25, a fixing kit made to secure box in the vehicle with a quick release mechanism for easy removal without any tools. It has a small footprint so will not take up much room in trucks or other vehicles.

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