Water Makers

We can survive longer without food than we can without water. Access to drinkable water is an absolute necessity. So we urge you to look closely at our water makers – especially if you are planning an extended stay at sea. Equipped with a water maker, you have a limitless supply of fresh, safe water for yourself and your travel companions. We provide user-friendly, low-maintenance solutions in a range of capacities.


Dometic water makers

As a passionate boater, you might have already experienced the irony of finding yourself surrounded by water, yet not being able to use it. If you enjoy fishing or spend a lot of time on your boat for other reasons, you need a steady supply of clean water for drinking and cleaning.

If you have found yourself in a similar situation and want a reliable solution, we are here to help. We offer a boat watermaker you can use to get fresh water no matter your location. Dometic’s water purification systems give you reliable results on which you can depend.

Why you need a water maker?

Having a boat watermaker makes you independent. There is no more need to worry if there is always access to a dock water supply guaranteed. If you want to spontaneously extend your boat trip for a few more days, you can do so without fear of running short of water to drink, cook with or clean. Without a boat watermaker on the other hand, you can only stay on the water for as long as your prepacked supply lasts.

In addition, most people don't realize that water is heavy, and it can take up a lot of room on your boat. An on-board watermaker not only delivers on-demand water, but you also get more storage space for food and other supplies.

Size and capacity

The size and capacity of your new marine watermaker are vital elements to consider before buying. Owners of small boats won't need a watermaker that produces hundreds of gallons per day, because these are limited in passenger numbers anyway.

On the other side, you don't want to get a model that is too small for the size of your boat and your daily water needs. Besides the capacity, consider how you want to power your watermaker. While some watermakers use gasoline or diesel, others use the electricity generated from your boat's engine.

Freshwater or seawater

Another important factor for choosing the optimal watermaker are of course your favored fishing and travel destinations. Dometic’s Spot Zero series for example will suit you well if you spend your precious free time on the freshwater of a river or lake. For carefree extended trips on the open ocean, you are better served with a fully automatic seawater reverseosmosis system.

Why you should choose Dometic water makers

Remember, a reliable water supply is one of your basic needs. Dometic does focus on quality and customer satisfaction above all else. Our dedication to selling only the top watermakers in the industry has let us earn the trust and respect of boaters from all backgrounds. You can be sure our watermakers work well when you need them the most.

Getting started

If you want your next boating adventure to move forward without issues, it's time to get a watermaker from a trusted name. We stand behind the products we sell and promise to have your back from the start.

Coming to us for your boating needs is a smart choice you won't regret, and we are ready to support you any way we can. You never need to run out of fresh water while you enjoy the open sea. If you are ready to get a dependable watermaker that fits your exact needs, get in touch with us today.