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Dometic announces Gallery Carts as its U.S. and Canadian distribution partner & sales representative for DeliBox

Dometic announces Gallery Carts as its U.S. and Canadian distribution partner & sales representative for DeliBox

Chicago, IL – February 28, 2023. Dometic, a global leader in mobile living, announces Gallery Carts as its U.S sales representative and distribution partner for its revolutionary premium delivery solution Dometic DeliBox. The partnership aims to disrupt the food safety and delivery market in the North American markets.

With over 40 years of experience, Gallery Carts is a trusted partner to clients who use carts and kiosks to deliver food, beverages and retail to crowds of people every day. Always looking to serve clients and stay ahead in the industry, Gallery Carts CEO and co-founder Dan Gallery, was particularly drawn to the safety benefits of the Dometic DeliBox. With zones for active heating and active cooling, DeliBox ensures that food or other perishables are kept at optimal temperatures throughout the delivery journey. Its innovative design and engineering offers retail, restaurant, hospitality and other industries responsible for transporting food to guests and patrons a valuable differentiator.

DeliBox is a temperature-controlled food delivery box designed to enhance the consumer experience. Easily customizable or wrapped with brand logos, it can be mounted on e-bikes, mopeds and motorcycle or placed in cars. Featuring an air purification system with cold plasma Ion technology, the box assures a clean interior atmosphere devoid of lingering odors of previous deliveries. Through these unique features, DeliBox creates an environment that ensures a safe, efficient bridge from the food provider to the customer, building trust and loyalty with each successful delivery.

“Temperature control and risk management are critical issues for food transport. As the FDA and other governmental agencies are working to tighten regulations to ensure proper food safety - we see Dometic DeliBox as a total game changer for our clients,” says Gallery. “This versatile product not only lends itself to food, beverage, retail and hospitality, I can also see applications in the pharmaceutical industry for transporting temperature-controlled medicine to patients,” he continues.

“Dometic is committed to developing products that solve problems and enhance lives. We have found the perfect sales partner in Gallery Carts. We share a long history of developing and delivering quality products that provide innovative solutions,” says Eva Karlsson, Head of Sub-Segment Other Global Verticals for Dometic. “We look forward to seeing where this partnership will take us.”

Gallery Carts, along with the Paradigm rep group, is actively selling the DeliBox and expects to deliver the first orders nation-wide in Q2, 2023. The group is also responsible for sales and distribution of Dometic MoBar, a versatile range of mobile beverage centers suitable for hospitality, restaurant, retail and residential settings. MoBar was born by combining the company's leading energy efficient refrigeration technology, proven toughness for outdoor use, and award-winning design capability. Available in three models (550, 300 and 50), it caters to all needs of storing, cooling, preparing, presenting and enjoying beverages.


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