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DeliBox mounted in a car, in-use

Dometic Delibox

Engineered for temperature-controlled food delivery. Say goodbye to soggy take-out and hello to the DeliBox that brings you delicious restaurant meals right to your door.

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Hot. Cold. Safe. Dometic DeliBox.

As the first of it's kind, the Dometic DeliBox preserves the restaurant quality and temperature of the food until it reaches the customer. The unique DeliBox has both active heating and cooling which mean you can deliver a hot pizza and chilled salad at the same time. The DeliBox has smart functions such as modular compartments, lighting, CleanAir technology, and a lock to keep the food safe. A premium delivery box that boosts your home delivery service and increases your customers' satisfaction.

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"The Dometic DeliBox solves the number one complaint of food arriving cold. The design features a temperature-controlled transportation solution that guarantees a better customer experience and offers restaurateurs, ghost kitchens, and lastmile delivery platforms an opportunity to build brand loyalty and trust." – IF Design Award 2022

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