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Dometic partners with texas-based delivery company san angelo to go on pilot program

Chicago, IL – June 9, 2022 Dometic partners with San Angelo To Go, a food home delivery company in San Angelo, TX on a pilot program aimed to exemplify a turnkey solution that increases the bottom line for drivers and customer satisfaction in equal measure across the food delivery industry.

Swedish brand Dometic is pleased to partner with San Angelo To Go on its first pilot program in North America. Established by three childhood friends, Carson Beavers, Preston Wimberly and Cameron Jenkins in 2015, San Angelo To Go was the first widely adopted organized delivery service in San Angelo, servicing its community of 100,000 residents almost exclusively. In 2021, the average daily delivery for the company was 650 orders per day and the annual revenue was over five million dollars.

This pilot program will provide data and commentary on delivery efficiency, customer satisfaction, ease of use and driver insights that will then be used as a case study by Dometic for the furtherance of North American business development. The team will be utilizing Dometic’s DeliBox paired with CAKE’s work:bike (another Swedish brand known for innovation) for this pilot program.

“In a recent study that we conducted, it was found that 52% of customers globally would order more food delivery if their orders were delivered at the right temperature,” notes Juan Vargues, President and CEO of Dometic. “As a global leader in mobile cooling and mobile heating, we are thrilled to take this research one step further and embark on a pilot program with San Angelo To Go. Their team recognizes the benefits that our products can provide their business and to their customer base and we look forward to reviewing the results of this pilot program.”

The Dometic DeliBox, which connects seamlessly to an electric bike (pictured above, right), regular bicycle (with a separate battery), moped or placed in a car (pictured above, left), provides a temperature-controlled solution for fleets and last mile delivery drivers. This large capacity insulated box features a dual temperature zone separated by a moveable shelf. The bottom is heated while the space above the shelf remains ambient. It has the capacity to handle large and even multiple orders.

Featuring an air purification system with cold plasma Ion technology, the box assures a clean interior atmosphere devoid of lingering odors of previous deliveries. It pairs with a smartphone app and is equipped with an exterior lock so the order can be tracked and not tampered with.

“It’s a turnkey solution and an investment in what we see as the future of food delivery,” comments San Angelo To Go co-founder, Carson Beavers. “I think the DeliBox has the opportunity to be an industry disruptor. The box’s capacity, ability to retain optimal temperature and its sturdiness (over an insulated bag) allows us to be more efficient in that we can pick up more orders at a time and reduce client reimbursements due to spilled and inaccurate temperature deliveries.”

The pilot program began the week of May 16 utilizing DeliBox in vehicles.


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