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What kind of ongoing maintenance do control cables need? Can they be repaired?

We suggest the following periodic maintenance be performed at least twice a season:

a) Check overall operation for proper gear engagement, full and idle throttle, and overall feel.
b) Visually inspect control head, control cable, as well as engine and transmission cable attachment points for proper tightness of fasteners, correct operation of all moving parts, worn or broken items, cable chafing or misalignment, etc.
c) Do not lubricate core wire (moving wire inside the casing). If the cable operates stiffly, replace it.
d) Keep cable ends dirt- and corrosion-free.
e) Lubricate pivot points and sliding parts of the control with good quality, water-resistant grease.

When to replace a cable or connection hardware:

a) Excessive free play felt at the control - check the cable connection hardware and replace any worn parts
b) Visual inspection shows signs of chafing, breakage, or bent, loose, or worn parts
c) The cable is stiff (hard to push or pull with two fingers)


Never attempt to repair a cable. Always replace a malfunctioning cable. A cable cannot be properly repaired in the field and must always be replaced as an assembly. Attempting to repair a cable can result in control system failure, leading to personal injury and/or property damage.