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I just bought a steering kit and I would like the steering shaft to be at an angle to the dash. The bezel kit included in the steering kit only allows a 90 degree mount. Which parts do I need?

The standard bezel (mount) kit included with the stering system allows the helm to be installed at 90 degrees (perpendicular) to the surface of the dash. Optional bezel kits for rotary steering systems provide the ability to mount the helm at 20 degrees from perpendicular. The rack and pinion system uses "wedge kits" that provide 10 and 20 degree angles.

For rotary steering (Safe-T QC, NFB Safe-T II, 4.2, or Xtreme), order 20 degree bezel kit part number SB27483P. For rack and pinion steering (NFB, Non-NFB, and Pro Rack), order 10 degree wedge kit part number SB27448P or 20 degree wedge kit part number SB27449P.