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I would like to upgrade the steering in my boat to tilt steering. What steps do I need to take?

First determine the brand of steering in your boat, then whether it is mechanical or hydraulic.

If you do not have Dometic steering, either:

a) Replace the helm and cable (or hoses and cylinder) with a Dometic system or
b) Contact the steering maker for options. Tilt steering is not available for all systems.

If you have a Dometic rotary steering system that was made after 1991 or rack steering made after 1996, you probably only need to purchase a tilt helm and tilt mechanism.

Tilt helms are offered for these Dometic systems:

Safe-T QC (1991-present)
"The Rack" Rack & Pinion NFB rack (1996-present)
NFB Rotary (1991-present)
HPS (2000-present)
SeaStar & SeaStar Pro (1991-present)
BayStar (2001-present)

NOTE: Some pre-1991 hydraulic, pre-1991 rotary, and pre-1996 rack systems may require purchase of additional items and/or modification of the dash. Please contact Tech Support for assistance.

Tilt helms have a special shaft to engage the tilt mechanism; a non-tilt helm cannot be used.