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I need to replace the steering system on my boat, but I looked at the back of the helm and saw it was not made by Dometic. I want to install a Dometic system, but how do I know which one I should get?

Generally, replace rotary with rotary, rack & pinion with rack & pinion, and hydraulic with hydraulic. Rotary gearboxes are round in shape. Rack & pinion helms are tubular and connect to a long, thin metal rack housing. The following is a brief cross reference for the most popular non-Dometic systems:

Rotary: Use Dometic HPS or Safe-T QC for power-assisted or NFB 4.2 Rotary for non-power-assisted.

Morse Command 200 Rack: Use Dometic Back Mount Rack for power-assisted or NFB Rack for non-power-assisted, and The Pro Rack for dual cable boats.