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The steering cable is stuck in the engine's tilt tube. What should I do?

Sometimes a cable cannot be removed from an outboard engine tilt tube because the tube has rusted on the inside. The following method is suggested for those cases in which "gentle persuasion" won't prevail:

a) Fully loosen the large hex nut on the starboard side of the engine that secures the steering cable to the engine tilt tube
b) Cut the cable's output ram close to the tilt tube
c) Drive the cableout of the engine tilt tube. You may not want to hammer or heat the tilt tube in order to remove the jammed cable end. Heating and hammering may damage the engine mounting or pivot areas. You may have to replace the engine tilt tube. If so, consult your engine manufacturer's repair instructions.

When installing the new cable and tilt tube (if necessary), be sure the inside of the tilt tube is clean and well lubricated. Lubricate the external parts of the steering cable's telescopic (output) ram as well. Use a good quality, water-resistant marine grease.

Be certain that all steering components are correctly assembled and in good working order. These items cannot be repaired; if any are not in good working order, replace them.

Note that locking fasteners are used to secure the steering wheel, helm, steering cable, and link arm (drag link). Do not substitute non-locking hardware; engine vibration can loosen non-locking fasteners, causing loss of steering and potential personal injury and/or property damage.

Always remember to grease!