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Terms of Service

Dometic offers mobile service on a time and materials basis. 

You will be billed an initial, nonrefundable dispatch and service fee for your first appointment that is payable upon completion of your service appointment. This fee includes dispatch and up to one hour of service that begins at the time of arrival at your site. If service time is takes less than one hour, that fee will not be prorated or reduced.

Upon request, we will provide a quote for the type and scope of any work that extends past the first hour for your approval. However, once we are dispatched, the minimum dispatch and service fee will apply; thereafter, if we have provided a quote, we reserve the right to amend it in good faith if we discover one or more issues onsite that we were unaware of at time of the quote.

Additional time on-site past the first hour will be billed in 30-minute minimum increments at $75 for each additional 30 minutes spent on site. Note: the incremental fee is charged in 30-minute minimum increments if and when service extends beyond one hour, and thereafter each next half hour will be billed at 30-minute minimum increments; there will not be no reduction or proration of any minimum 30-minute incremental fee.

Dometic primarily services Dometic brand products. Any additional services and non-Dometic product repairs will be offered on a case-by-case basis for your approval and authorization before we proceed.

If the specific Dometic product repair requires parts that are not immediately available, Dometic will order the part (if available through ordering) and schedule a return date to complete the service. You will not be charged a second dispatch fee for the return service which is related to the first dispatch matter. However, when we return you will be billed at the same minimum 30-minute incremental service fee as outlined above.

You are required to pay for service as noted, as well as for materials used; such billing will occur at the end of each service appointment.

We offer a 30-day labor guarantee after completion of the repair.

We offer a 90-day parts guarantee for non-finished goods after completion of the repair.

This guarantee is effective in regions where Dometic Service is established and not outside of those areas.

Finished goods warranties, if any, are offered by the product manufacturer as may be stated in the manufacturer’s product information material where the warranty policies and procedures, if any, are explained.  We will always endeavor to honor a manufacturer’s warranty for any product that we are authorized to service.

We accept credit/debit card payments as well as online payments through email link and a link offered on our technicians’ tablets. Our technicians are not authorized to handle checks or cash transactions.