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Induction is the first technology that offers all the benefits of cooking with gas. Prioritizing the consumer’s desires and needs, Dometic leads the industry with its new Induction Cooktop.
Induction Cooktop

The benefits of Dometic’s Induction Cooktop include:  Faster. Energy is directly transferred within the pan metal, heating faster than any gas cooktop. Safer. There is no open flame or other radiant heat source to ignite fumes or flammable materials. It also contains a child lock. Cleaner. Wiping it down after use is a breeze with this flat, easy-to-clean surface. Cooler. Almost no ambient heat is produced since the heat is being generated in the pan itself. RVers will be more comfortable while cooking and during meals.  Modern. It has an elegant appearance. With an ultra-slim surface, it stands less than 3/16" above the countertop.

 “When it comes to our customers, Dometic never stops listening and innovating. This year at RVIA, we are excited to debut our new Induction Cooktop!” This all electric cooktop is a great addition to our extensive line of RV gas cooking appliances,” said Dave Schutz, Senior Vice President, RV OEM Sales, Dometic Americas RV Division. “Induction cooking provides faster heating, improved efficiency, and more consistency with precise control similar to gas. Another product by Dometic designed to make mobile living easy for those that enjoy the mobile lifestyle.”

From faster cook time to better heat control, the traditional RVer is sure to have an enhanced cooking experience with this energy-efficient, smart, reliable product with outstanding design.

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