Comfort by Design

15,000 BTU Rooftop A/C, Ducted or Non-ducted application - ADB or control kit required.

Sleek and aerodynamic, with a composite base pan and injection-molded shroud that are both UV stable and rated for high impact resistance. The Blizzard NXT was stringently tested for durability in the most extreme environmental conditions. Keeping you cool, wherever you go!
  • Attractive design
  • Minimal noise
    Vibration isolation
  • Highly efficient : 9105306031 Visit support page


The Dometic Blizzard NXT air conditioner can be installed in height-restrictive spaces, making it ideal for flybridge, cockpit, engine room, or exterior deck installations. The air conditioner stands just 8 in/203 mm high. The dual blowers can be ducted to different areas or to confined areas such as flybridge dashboards and consoles. The unit features an oversized four-row evaporator coil for excellent heat removal under low fan-speed conditions. A highly efficient blower reduces power consumption, and the blower flows to two outlets.

Dometic Blizzard NXT has a powerful motor providing industry-leading airflow

Innovative Design
Innovative Design

Sleek design with maximum output

High Performer
High Performer

High capacity output fan

...and more
    • Attractive aerodynamic design
    • Vibration isolation minimizes compressor noise
    • Efficient high-capacity air conditioning and heat pump models
    • Robust and durable construction
    • Compatible with Dometic LCD single-zone or CCC II multizone thermostats
    • High-impact polypropylene injection-molded shroud and base pan
    • High capacity output fan & motor design with 350 CFM blower

Sleek design with maximum output

Dometic's Blizzard NXT rooftop air conditioner not only looks great, its highly efficient operation makes cooling air easy! The aerodynamic design will minimize the drag from air resistance while the the vehicle is in motion. Vibration isolation components also reduce sound to a minimum, ensuring you are not disturbed by the noise of your air conditioner. The Blizzard NXT is robust and durable meaning it will supply refreshing, cool air in your RV for many years. Compatible with Dometic LCD single-zone or CCC II multizone thermostats.


SKU number 9105306031 
Model 15K Btu 
US Item Name H540316.XX1C0 
Model on label H540316.XX1C0 
Scope of delivery 1 Air conditioner, 1 Warranty card, 1 Registration card 
Product Description 15,000 BTU Rooftop A/C, Ducted or Non-ducted application - ADB or control kit required.  
Dimensions product depth 30 "
Dimensions product height 14 "
Dimensions product width 40 "
Net weight 92 lbs
Input voltage (AC) 115 V
Input frequency 60 Hz
Cooling capacity (ISO 5151) 4392 W
Power consumption - Cooling mode (ISO 5151) 1767 W
Certificates CSA 
EAN-13 0713814214074 
Dimensions parcel depth 30 6/16 "
Dimensions parcel height 14 3/4 "
Dimensions parcel width 41 1/4 "
Parcel weight 96.38 lbs