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Dometic Oceanair Skyscreen Concealed
Roller hatch screen combination blind

Designed to be concealed within the headlining, Skyscreen Concealed features stylish push-release buttons to reveal the fabric blinds. The blinds can be fully stowed back into the unit, leaving a completely clear aperture and unobstructed views outside.
  • Easy to use
    Quick release buttons
  • Designed to fit
    Customer trims
  • Flyscreen and blackout : 9600023487 Visit support page + FAQ

Finished with style

The Skyscreen Concealed blind seamlessly fits with existing hatch trims, leaving a sleek, stylish join between hatch and headlining. Our integrated recoil damper system and push-release buttons allows for totally smooth operation.
Finished with style
Dometic marine motorboat climate
Dometic Oceanair Skyscreen Concealed
...and more
    • Quick release buttons available in 3 colors
    • Recoil damper system
    • Completely clear aperture when stowed
    • Flyscreen and blackout combination

Protect your view outside with concealed blinds

Dometic Oceanair Skyscreen Concealed can be fully fitted into the headlining for a seamless finish. For challenging applications, the Skyscreen Concealed can be easily integrated into the hatch trims, allowing for a completly clear aperture and leaving only the push-release buttons visable when the blind is stowed. These easy to use buttons reveal the blind fabric when you want to cover the window, improving your on-board comfort and letting you enjoy a better night’s sleep with both a flyscreen and blackout combination.


SKU number 9600023487 
Model CSS2 
Product Description Roller hatch screen combination blind 


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