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Dometic Oceanair Skyscreen Powered
Powered hatch screen combination blind

The Skyscreen Powered blind for hatch screens has a modular design for convenient versatility. Blind sections can be interchanged so that, for example, the roller and pleated fabrics are combined within a single blind. It can also be completely concealed into yacht headlining.
  • Effortless control
  • Hidden from view
  • Flyscreen
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Quiet operation for a relaxed environment

Our Skyscreen Powered range uses an innovative belt drive system to move the fabric along the blind. This ensures minimal noise and avoid disturbance. It also reduces the strain on the motor, which both reduces wear and tear and makes the blind more energy efficient.
Quiet operation for a relaxed environment
Dometic marine motorboat climate
Dometic Oceanair Skyscreen Powered
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    • Powered operation with 12 V DC and 24 V DC, enables effortless control
    • Enjoy natural ventilation when flyscreen in use.
    • Can be completely concealed into yacht headlining
    • Hand held remote, wall switch or integration into the control system
    • Pleated or roller fabric. Blackout or flyscreen or both.
    • Selection of wood and aluminium trims
    • Belt drive system reduces operating noise and improves efficiency

Modular design for convenient versatility

The new Dometic Oceanair Skyscreen Powered combines the ease of control that larger powered blinds offer, whilst sitting discreetly behind your yacht's headlining. Fully adaptable, the Skyscreen Powered allows the modular blinds to be interchanged and can combine both roller and pleated fabrics within a single blind. The innovative belt drive system moves the fabric along the blind quietly and with less strain on the motor for optimum efficiency. Operated by hand held remote, wall switch or integration into the control system, it can come with a blackout, flyscreen or both. The flyscreen allows for natural air flow for a fresh interior environment.


SKU number 9600023486 
Model SSP 
Product Description Powered hatch screen combination blind 


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