Sleep well

Dometic Oceanair Skyscreen Surface
Surface mounted blackout and flyscreen blind, ideal for retrofit

Quick and easy to install, the Skyscreen Surface is a unique combined flyscreen and blackout blind. Custom made for your yacht's hatches, the blackout blind ensures full darkness, while the flyscreen allows for an airy yet insect free environment. Ideal for a night of undisturbed sleep.
  • Easy installation
    Ideal for retrofit
  • Convenient
    Magnetic closure
  • Standard sizes
    available : 9600023420 Visit support page + FAQ

Hassle-free installation

Skyscreen Surface is available with a complimentary liner kit. This liner fits perfectly between the hatch and screen, therefore solving those complex through deck engineering challenges.
Hassle-free installation
Dometic marine motorboat climate
Dometic Oceanair Skyscreen Surface
...and more
    • Quick and easy installation
    • White or beige hardware color
    • Magnetic closure
    • Optional seal or liner systems
    • Ideal for thin decks
    • Standard sizes available as well as custom design

Combined blackout blind and flyscreen hatch shades

Dometic Skyscreen provides a unique solution to shading boat hatches by combining a blackout blind and a separate flyscreen within one unit, tailored to fit any type and size of hatch. Our blind innovation draws upon ongoing technological advances and end-user feedback to continue to provide a high quality, cutting-edge product. Whatever your individual hatch requirements, the Skyscreen range includes a solution for you.

Combined blackout blind and flyscreen hatch shades

Ideal blind for easy retro-fit

Our Skyscreen Surface is the ideal blind for retro-fit application, meaning no adjustments need to be made for installation, simply screw in with 4 screws. The blackout blind ensures a dark bedroom for a good night's rest. The flyscreen keeps insects out yet, importantly for your comfort, also allows fresh air to circulate. Available in standard sizes as well as custom design, the Skyscreen Surface is ideal for thin decks and comes with a convenient magnetic closure.


SKU number 9600023420 
Model SRS 
Product Description Surface mounted blackout and flyscreen blind, ideal for retrofit 


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