Unpack the shade

Dometic Trim Line Case Awning
11' Awning, double-sided vinyl fabric

An easy-to-use bag awning that's ideal for fold-down campers and vans. Available in sized from 7' to 12'.
  • Durable
  • Quick set-up
  • Secure pitch
Dimensions product width
Cloth color
Fabric type
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Dometic Trim Line Case Awning
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    • Durable, reinforced double-sided vinyl fabric
    • Easy to set up in just a few minutes.
    • Adjustable, click-lock poles ensure desired pitch is maintained.
    • Spring-loaded tension rafters
    • Bag neatly slides into awning rail
    • All parts stow neatly inside weatherproof, zippered bag

Add shaded outdoor comfort with ease

Enjoy the outdoors with shade. The Dometic Trim Line is a terrific way to expand your living space at a very affordable price. Create a scenic, sheltered patio in just minutes that will protect you from the burning heat of the sun. Ideal for dining, sleeping, or just relaxing with a book. As easy to take down as it is to put up, the Trim Line Bag Awning folds neatly into its own storage when you're ready to hit the road. Made of durable, double-sided vinyl fabric and available in six great colors; Azure, Meadow Green, Bark, Sandstone, Onyx and Maroon. The Dometic Trim Line Bag Awning comes in six sizes from 7’ to 12’. The Trim Line stores neatly in its own weatherproof zippered pouch. The weatherproof zippered storage bag protects your Dometic Trim Line Bag Awning from the wind and rain when you are not camping.


SKU number 9108845978 
Model 944 
US Item Name 944NT11.002 
Model on label 944NT11.002 
Product Description 11' Awning, double-sided vinyl fabric 
Projection 83 mm
Dimensions product depth 7 "
Dimensions product height 2 1/2 "
Dimensions product width 136 "
Color Azure 
Fabric type Double-sided Vinyl 
Drive assembly operation type Manual 
Parcel weight 26.70 lbs
Installation manual
Installation manual