Dometic MasterFlush 8740
Macerator Toilet - Bone

Enjoy the upscale look and user-friendly performance of a premium residential toilet with the Dometic 8700 series of MasterFlush toilets. The elongated seat and deep bowl provide ultimate comfort, and the high-performance macerator pump assures thorough flushing every time while operating 30 % more efficiently than other macerator heads.
  • Powerful flush
  • Quieter flush
    Shorter duration
  • Two flush options
    Normal and Low : 9600012038 Visit support page + FAQ

At Home on the Road

Dometic MF 8700 toilets offer a statuesque, houshold-style fixture that fits the demanding needs of luxury vehicles or vessels. The standard-height toilet with elongated seat and residential-size bowl combines premium comfort with powerful flushing at the touch of a button.
At Home on the Road
Dometic MasterFlush 8740
...and more
    • Powerful macerating flush
    • Quieter, shorter flush duration than other macerator toilets
    • Two flush options: Normal or Low allow efficient water consumption
    • Standard-height toilet with residential-size bowl and elongated seat for premium comfort
    • Through-the-floor or through-the-wall discharge fittings
    • Electronic flush handle with chrome finish

Standard-height all-ceramic macerator toilet in a full-size fixture

For the look and user-friendly performance of an upscale residential toilet with the advantage of low-flush technology, Dometic MasterFlush 8740 macerator toilets, powered with MasterFlush technology, deliver it all. Discriminating owners will appreciate the full-scale residential styling, complete with elongated enameled seat and lustrous, sparkling ceramic finish. The robust effluent macerator operates 30 % more efficiently than previous Dometic macerator toilets. Two flush options promote efficient water consumption. This bone color model is also available in white.


SKU number 9600012038 
Model 8740 
Product Description Macerator Toilet - Bone 
Dimensions product depth 21-1/2" "
Dimensions product height 19" "
Dimensions product width 14-3/4" "
Net weight 41.50 lbs
Input voltage (DC) 12 V
Color Bone 
Dimensions parcel depth 23-1/2" "
Dimensions parcel height 21-1/2" "
Dimensions parcel width 15-1/2" "
Parcel weight 46.50 lbs
Installation manual
Installation manual
Operating manual
Operating manual