Dometic MasterFlush MF 8112
Electric macerator toilet, low-profile, 12 V

An electric macerator toilet in a low-profile model with two flush settings to help save water. Easy to install and with hidden connections that don't spoil the toilet's aesthetic appearance.
  • Easy to install
  • Low-profile model
  • Water efficient
    Two flush settings : 9108553021 Visit support page + FAQ

Space-Saving Design

With the Dometic MF 8100 toilet series, there is no need to have a large space for a luxurious all-ceramic fixture. The angled back and small footprint of these units fits against hulls in small spaces to help make the most out of any confined situation with elegance and user comfort.
  • Powerful macerating flush
  • Solid wood seat
  • Normal and Dry Bowl flush options conserve water
  • Available in white and bone colors
  • Through the floor or through the wall discharge fittings
Space-Saving Design
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Dometic MasterFlush MF 8112
...and more
    • A space saving low-profile model
    • Easy to install with only the toilet and flush control panel to fit
    • Normal and Dry Bowl flush options allow efficient water consumption
    • Compatible with a remote holding tank
    • Low noise levels
    • Through-the-floor or through-the-wall discharge fittings
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Dometic MasterFlush 8100 Series toilets offer great value and outstanding performance. These powerful macerator toilets provide a luxurious fixture in a small footprint. Electrical installation is simplified with no external control module necessary. Two flush settings assist with water conservation leading to fewer pump-outs. The wood seat, plus two available toilet heights provide extra comfort. All models include adaptable discharge fittings.

The lowdown

For a powerful macerator toilet in an easy-to-install, easy-to-use fixture, the low-profile Dometic MasterFlush MF 8112 toilet is a great choice! The electric toilet and flush control panel are the only components to install - no external control module is necessary. 8100 series macerator toilets provide two flush settings to help manage water use: "Normal" flush adds a small amount of water to the bowl after every flush; "Dry Bowl" flushing does not add water to the bowl. Because flushes are controlled by how long the flush button is pressed, average consumption is estimated at an efficient 0.33 gal. (1.25 l) per flush. Its angled back and small footprint make it ideal for tight spaces, while the solid enameled wood seat ensures user comfort.


SKU number 9108553021 
Model 8112 
US Item Name 304811201 
SKU replaced by 9600015974 
Model on label ST 8112 
Scope of delivery Toilet, Mounting kit, Adapters, Flush switch, Templates, Manuals 
Product Description Electric macerator toilet, low-profile, 12 V 
Dimensions product depth 18 6/16 "
Dimensions product height 15 "
Dimensions product width 14 3/4 "
Net weight 51.50 lbs
Input voltage (DC) 12 V
EAN-13 713814074234 
Dimensions parcel depth 25 "
Dimensions parcel height 25 "
Dimensions parcel width 19 1/2 "
Parcel weight 68 1/2 lbs
Installation manual
Installation manual
Installation manual
Installation manual
Installation manual
Installation manual
Operating manual
Operating manual