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Cabin Control

The CapTouch WiFi Cabin Control’s phone app revolutionizes setup and operation. Using marina WiFi or a hotspot, the cabin control’s embedded WiFi offers remote access to the system panel via smart phone or tablet, and provides a simple display with easy configuration access to parameter programming without complex button-press combinations. Providing you with the possibility to monitor and control cabin temperature and humidity levels, operate auxiliary heat, and with the optional Maintenance Package receive system diagnostics and alerts that could prevent system failure by getting timely service
  • App for Smart Phone & Tablet
    WiFi Operation
  • Clear Layout of Basic Controls
    Easy Operation
  • Intuitive Menus Speed Setup
    Programmable : 9600016923 (222000252) Visit support page + FAQ
Dometic CapTouch WiFi
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    • Embedded WiFi provides remote connectivity and user-friendly interface
    • App controls multiple thermostats individually, all together, or in zoned groups
    • Seamlessly continue using the app via your phone if the server connection is lost
    • Access programmable parameters directly without complex multi-button-press combinations
    • Cabin Control has smooth capacitive-touch surface with long-wearing ink on water-resistant screen
    • Easy operation with intuitive icons and menus for easy setup
    • Supports optional Humidity Control, Auxiliary Heat, Maintenance Package

Remote access operation!

Embedded WiFi in the CapTouch WiFi Cabin Control gives you remote access to clear and complete operating parameters, while the user-friendly app provides temperature, operational mode, and system fault status. Check cabin temperature and humidity levels remotely and decide if you should start running the air conditioning in advance for welcoming comfort when you arrive. The advanced app lets you monitor actual humidity to ensure system maintains the optimal level. The Humidity Control option decreases mold onboard by periodically running the air conditioning system automatically to remove moisture and improve overall indoor air quality. If you have Auxiliary Heat onboard, the CapTouch WiFi can be configured to seamlessly operate that system for total climate management from a single control. An optional Maintenance Package (DX systems only) monitors system running pressures for diagnostics and sends alerts that could prevent system failure by getting timely service. Firmware updates can be wirelessly pushed to the unit without shipping it back to the factory for upgrade. The CapTouch WiFi Cabin Control is easy to use and offers a water-resistant screen with no buttons to wear out. The capacitive-touch surface is smooth and the control’s operational icons feature durable, long-wearing ink. Setup and operation are intuitive.


SKU number 9600016923 
Model Control Dometic Digital 
Model on label DISPLAY, CAP TC 
US Item Name 222000252 
Product Description Cabin Control 
Dimensions parcel depth 7.3 "
Dimensions parcel height 6.3 "
Dimensions parcel width 4.2 "
Parcel weight 0.45 kg