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Dometic Optimus EPS Color Display
Optimus EPS Color Display

Providing real-time system status on rudder direction and rpm, the Dometic Optimus EPS Color Display keeps you in tune with your boat.
  • Digital display
  • Visual information on system status
  • Straightforward setup : 9130000265 (ED1700) Visit support page + FAQ

Digital Display

The Dometic Optimus EPS Color Display further enhances your connectivity to your vessel. Understanding system status in a visual way with the interface to setup, configure, and purge. Additionally, adjust helm turns and effort while viewing real-time rudder direction and RPM. Part of the Optimus Series for Outboards, Inboards, and Sterndrive vessels.
Digital Display
Dometic Boat Family


With over 75 years dedicated to command and control innovation, SeaStar Solutions has become the leading, global provider of vessel control, fuel systems and system integration in the marine industry. As SeaStar becomes Dometic, we will continue this journey together and expand our portfolio of market leading marine solutions.

Dometic Optimus EPS Color Display
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    • Digital display
    • Provides visual information on system status, including rudder direction and rpm
    • Straightforward setup - no additional device required
    • Interface for adjusting helm turns and steering effort
    • Interface to setup, configure and purge the Optimus EPS


SKU number 9130000265 
Model Optimus Displays 
Product Description Optimus EPS Color Display 
Dimensions product depth 24 "
Input voltage (DC) 12 V
Operating temperature min -18.00 °C
Operating temperature max 77.00 °C
Color Black/Chrome 
Connector Make and Model DT06 male