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Dometic CK 400
Exhaust cooker hood with two-speed fan

A powerful extractor cooker hood with a two-speed fan. Easy to clean and superb at expelling cooking fumes and odors from motorhomes and caravans.
  • Powerful
  • Two-speed
  • Easy to Clean
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Amazing power

Extractor cooker hoods are especially quick and effective when it comes to drawing cooking fumes, odours and moisture out of the vehicle. Their fan is integrated in the roof dome and not in the cooker hood itself. This special configuration makes for an optimised air flow and reduces the power consumption.
Can be operated with direct current
Amazing power
Light and bright
Light and bright

Integrated halogen lights

Cleanable filter
Cleanable filter

Washable metal filter

Dometic CK 400
...and more
    • Powerful extractor cooker hood
    • Adjustable two-speed fan
    • Easy to clean metal grease filter
    • Two lighting levels with two integrated halogen bulbs

Powerful extractor cooking hood

With a two-speed fan, the Dometic CK 400 extractor cooker hood powerfully draws cooking fumes, odors and moisture out of the motorhome or caravan. Its compact fan is integrated into the waterproof roof dome rather than into the unit itself to optimize airflow and performance. Easy to clean and with two integrated halogen lights to avoid cooking in the dark! A great kitchen assistant.


SKU number 9107300001 
Model CK400 
SKU replaced by 9103303093 
Scope of delivery GU4) 
Product Description Exhaust cooker hood with two-speed fan 
Dimensions product depth 45 mm
Dimensions product height 275 mm
Dimensions product width 400 mm
Net weight 3 kg
Ventilation dome diameter 105 mm
Input voltage (DC) 12 V
EAN-13 7350019015605 
Dimensions parcel depth 415 mm
Dimensions parcel height 192 mm
Dimensions parcel width 309 mm
Parcel weight 3.16 kg