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How to clean a RV awning?

Our awnings are made from a high-quality PVC material.  UV-resistant, rot-proof and washable, it has all it takes for a long life expectancy. The awning is made from one whole piece of fabric, so there are no seams.

If you want to take pleasure in your awning for many years to come, you should regularly clean it. Best of all, use our special awning cleaner, it is perfectly formulated for the material and quickly removes even the most persistent stains.

Dometic awning cleaner
  • Awning and canopy cleaner
  • Removes even the most persistent dirt
  • Cleans the flexible surface
  • Content: 500 ml


Awning cleaner

Tips and tricks for proper cleaning
  • Please always make sure that your Dometic awning is clean and as dry as possible before you roll it up. Remove branches, leaves, bird’s dirt and other organic deposits to prevent damage, stains or mould.
  • Don’t worry if you have to roll up a wet awning, it won’t do any harm in the short term, because the cloth material is very robust. However, you should use the next occasion to extend it and let it dry. This is especially important before the winter break. A moist awning that remains rolled up for a longer time will develop mould stains, and the awning cloth will fade.
  • Never use a high-pressure cleaner or aggressive detergents – they might do severe damage to your awning!
  • For thorough manual cleaning we recommend you to use the special awning and canopy cleaner from Dometic.