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Dometic Oceanair Skysol Track Large

Large pleated roof blind, with curved option

The Skysol Track Large is perfectly suited for larger boat roofs. Available flat or curved application, this product perfectly compliments our pleated window shadings in the Skysol range

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Bigger and brighter spaces call for shading innovation

Bigger and brighter spaces call for shading innovation

Today's sophisticated yacht designs are breaking away from small, cramped spaces - moving to brighter, airy designs, formulated to maximize space and comfort on board. Dometic provides the ideal solution for yachts kitted out with large overhead glazing, curved to maximize interior living space. These beauties are great to look at, but provide their own challenges in the form of excess light and heat, when you're trying to kick back and relax. The Dometic Skysol Track Large is just the fix! Lightweight and robust, this sophisticated pleated shade is perfect for providing much needed shelter on a sunny day, so you can enjoy your lunch in the shade.

¿Por qué elegir un Skysol?

¿Por qué elegir un Skysol?

Los estores Oceanair Skysol de Dometic representan un nuevo estándar en el diseño de estores plisados:

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