Recline & Relax

Kampa Dometic Footrest Firenze
Reclining chair accessory

Convert your reclining chair into a comfortable lounger with an attachable footrest.
  • Powder coated aluminum
  • 600D Polyester
  • Suits Firenze chairs
30,50 €
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tuotenumero 9120000510 (FT0314) Käy palvelusivulla

Smart seating

Sit back and recline into relaxation with Dometic. Our Firenze range features 600D Polyester fabric for long life outdoor use and maximum comfort. Add luxury and style to your chairs with this matching footrest accessory from Dometic.
Kampa dometic motorhome tent
Kampa Dometic Footrest Firenze
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    • Powder coated aluminum frame
    • 600D Polyester fabric
    • Suits Firenze chairs

Three-year warranty

Dometic camping footrests provide relief and relaxation wherever your adventure takes you. The Dometic Footrest Firenze benefits from premium materials, smart design features and comes with an extended three-year warranty as standard. Embrace the outdoors and stay with friends and family for longer with the guaranteed performance of Dometic furniture.

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SKU-numero 9120000510 
Malli Firenze 
Tarrassa oleva malli FT0314 
Toimituskokonaisuus 1 footrest 
Tuotekuvaus Reclining chair accessory 
Mitat, tuotteen syvyys [mm] – Näyttö 480 mm
Mitat, tuotteen korkeus [mm] – Näyttö 480 mm
Mitat, tuotteen leveys [mm] – Näyttö 900 mm
Nettopaino [kg] – Näyttö 1.14 kg
EAN-13 5060444794489 
Mitat, paketin syvyys [mm] – Näyttö 885 mm
Mitat, paketin korkeus [mm] – Näyttö 505 mm
Mitat, paketin leveys [mm] – Näyttö 410 mm
Nettopaino [kg] – Näyttö 8.40 kg