Dometic EVAPS R
Modulating Condenser

High-efficiency cooling and heating unit for use with Dometic RM modulating condensers. Designed to be installed low in a closet or cabinet, with supply air ducted to grills high in the cabin. Ensure reliable onboard comfort.
  • High efficiency
  • Rotating blowers
  • Quiet operation
    Vibration control
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Dometic EVAPS R
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    • High-efficiency cooling unit for use with Dometic RM modulating condensers
    • Rotating blower allows you to direct the airflow as needed
    • Vibration isolation mounting system reduces noise and vibration
    • Insulated condensate pan with anti-slosh, anti-fungal foam lining

High-efficiency cooling

Dometic modulating DX evaporators are ductable cooling only (EMB) units with built-in refrigerant solenoid valves and high-efficiency blowers. Dometic modulating air conditioning systems allow up to five independent temperature-controlled zones giving maximum climate control flexibility (see spec sheet L–2366). The Dometic EMB 12,000 BTU/h - 230 V/60 Hz is designed to be installed low in a closet or cabinet, with supply air ducted to grills high in the cabin. All metal surfaces over which air passes are covered with insulating foam to reduce secondary condensation and noise. The condensate pan has an anti-slosh, antifungal foam lining and rubber mounting feet for noise and vibration control as well as easy installation. The high-efficiency blower can be rotated so the air can be discharged in different directions. The permanent split capacitor (PSC) motor is internal to the blower wheel and housing, which results in a quiet unit with excellent performance and speed control, especially when used with a Dometic SMX series control. An electrical junction box is included with the unit, and has a 3 ft. (1 m) wire harness so it can be mounted in an conveniently accessible location. EMB cooling units can be controlled locally with a mechanical switch assembly, SMX II microprocessor (SMX II power/logic box, control, and cables are sold separately), or the Q-Logic microprocessor system with Qht or Q3 display. Remote monitoring via the central boat monitoring system or Dometic’s Gateway network is possible with the Q-Logic control system and optional CAN-bus adapter board. Designed for use with Dometic RM modulating condensors.

Tekniset tiedot

SKU-numero 9108731265 
Malli EVAPS R Series 
Tarrassa oleva malli EHMB16C 2KW 230/60/1 
Tuotekuvaus Modulating Condenser 
Mitat, tuotteen syvyys [mm] – Näyttö 483 mm
Mitat, tuotteen korkeus [mm] – Näyttö 437 mm
Mitat, tuotteen leveys [mm] – Näyttö 368 mm
Nettopaino [kg] – Näyttö 13.61 kg
Tulojännite (AC) [V] 230 V
Tulotaajuus [Hz] 50/60 Hz
Vaadittu AC-oikosulkusuoja vähintään [A] 11.00 A
Vaadittu AC-oikosulkusuoja enintään [A] 15.00 A
Jäähdytysteho (ISO 5151) [W] – Näyttö 16000 W
Virrankulutus enintään, jäähdytys [A] 1.20 A
Virrankulutus enintään, lämmitys [A] 9.90 A
Mitat, paketin syvyys [mm] – Näyttö 533 mm
Mitat, paketin korkeus [mm] – Näyttö 660 mm
Mitat, paketin leveys [mm] – Näyttö 610 mm
Nettopaino [kg] – Näyttö 18.14 kg