Dometic MTCGV
Water Chiller

Provides installation flexibility, reliability, maximum performance and easy access for maintenance and repair. With easy module staging and multiple efficiency-boosting designs, this modular chiller offers great performance and serves as a great drop-in replacement for Dometic MTC R-407C units.
  • Drop-in replacement
    MTC R-407C units
  • Wire harness
    Polarized plug
  • Hot-gas bypass
    Maintains heating
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Dometic MTCGV
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    • Ideal as drop-in replacements for Dometic MTC R-407C units
    • Hot gas bypass valve maintains heating performance in cold seawater
    • Wire harness with polarized plug for easy electrical connections
    • Thermal expansion valves optimize performance
    • Integrated loop-water strainer and flow switch

Flexible, reliable climate control

The new Dometic MTCGV modular chiller provides installation flexibility, reliability, maximum performance, and easy access for maintenance and repair. It makes an ideal drop-in replacement for Dometic MTC R-407C units. The MTCGV modules heat and cool in capacities of 24,000-120,000 BTU/h (2 to 10 tons). Up to six modules can be staged to achieve higher capacities. Thermal expansion valves optimize performance over a wide range of conditions, while a hot gas bypass valve maintains heating performance in cold seawater. With reverse-cycle heating effectiveness in seawater temperatures as low as 38 °F (3.5 °C), the need for separate fossil fuel or electric water heaters largely eliminated. Sub-modules can be rotated to achieve more convenient water connection locations or compressor access for a reliable performance. The sub-modules can even be separated for remote mounting when space is limited. These kind of sub-module changes can be handled in the field, or specially ordered from the factory. All units have built-in protection devices, including: high- and low-pressure switches, a loop-water flow switch, hot-gas bypass valve, and loop-water freeze sensor. A wire harness with polarized plug is included for easy electrical connections. Heating and cooling you can rely on!

Tekniset tiedot

SKU-numero 9108893793 
Malli Chiller Cond MTC Modular 
Tarrassa oleva malli MTCGX60 2363 
Tuotekuvaus Water Chiller 
Mitat, tuotteen syvyys [mm] – Näyttö 660.40 mm
Mitat, tuotteen korkeus [mm] – Näyttö 660.40 mm
Mitat, tuotteen leveys [mm] – Näyttö 914.40 mm
Nettopaino [kg] – Näyttö 99.79 kg
Tulojännite (AC) [V] 230 V
Tulotaajuus [Hz] 60 Hz
Käynnistysvirta – enintään [A] 123.00 A
Vaadittu AC-oikosulkusuoja vähintään [A] 34.00 A
Vaadittu AC-oikosulkusuoja enintään [A] 60.00 A
Kylmäaine, tyyppi R410A 
- Contains fluorinated greenhouse gases 
GWP 2088 
Kylmäaineen määrä 1077.28 g
CO2-ekvivalentti 2,249 t
Jäähdytysteho (ISO 5151) [W] – Näyttö 60000 W
Virrankulutus enintään, jäähdytys [A] 11.30 A
Virrankulutus enintään, lämmitys [A] 14.80 A
Nettopaino [kg] – Näyttö 104.33 kg