Dometic Oceanair Skysol Day/Night
Combination blackout and privacy pleated blind for windows

A stylish yet functional choice, Skysol Day/Night provides excellent control of light, shade and privacy. Suitable for inclines and slim recesses. Powered operation is available for effortless control.
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Dometic marine motorboat climate

Elegant, highly functional and custom-made

This elegant custom-built pleated blind, combines a privacy fabric with a blackout option. Developed for slimmer yacht window recesses, Skysol Day/Night accommodates two pleated blinds in one elegant, compact design. Merging a classic pleated fabric with a blackout honeycomb is a popular mix. The translucent fabric provides optimum daytime privacy and light diffusion for soft lighting. When combined with the blackout fabric, privacy and ideal conditions for an undisturbed night's sleep are achieved. Alternatively, Dometic Oceanair Skysol Day/Night can be used to feature two contrasting fabrics within the same window for style choice. Available with powered operation for effortless control and convenience (24 V DC or mains).


Numéro SKU 9600023474 
Modèle PB2 
Combination blackout and privacy pleated blind for windows