Dometic EDC System

EDC Pump Relay 24VDC

The ultimate cooling and heating solution without using shore power or a generator. The compressor enables cooling when the engine is running, while the evaporator uses your engine's hot waste water to provide heat. A mechanical control display allows for simple and intuitive operation.
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Climate control using your engine

The Dometic EDC System provides cooling and heating within various ranges of the engine's RPM, even at idle speeds. Its compressor prevents overloads when running at full speed with a DC voltage pump pushing seawater through the titanium condenser coil to effectively remove heat, while the evaporator uses the engine's hot waste water to provide heat. Operation is simple with an intuitive mechanical control display. Finally, our unique testing fixture validates BTU's on a complete system through the engine's RPM range, so we can determine pulley sizes for engine manufacturers to finalize the exact system running performance in the field. As a result, we can layout and specify a complete system based on your specifications, with full confidence everything will work as planned.
Dometic EDC System
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    • Powerful cooling range of 10,000 to 30,000 BTU
    • Optional engine waste water heating
    • Available in 24V DC
    • Belt-driven compressor
    • Convenient plug-and-play wire connection
    • Easy to operate, one and two knob control display
    • On/off compressor switch with light confirming operation


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Description du produit EDC Pump Relay 24VDC 
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