Dometic VARCX

Variable Capacity Titanium Chiller, 72 000 BTU/h

Maximize chiller efficiency and reduce electrical load fluctuations with Dometic’s innovative Variable Capacity Chiller (VARCX). Now with titanium condensers!
n° d'article : 9600017093
Capacity (BTU/h)
Item Description
VARCX72 2371
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Dometic VARCX
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    • Variable capacity through unit's BTU range as thermal load changes
    • Compact footprint
    • Operates steadily at lower speeds to provide maximum efficiency
    • Select from three user-adjustable amp limits: Econo, Standard, or Boost
    • Electronic expansion valve for precise control of superheat
    • Easy, flexible plumbing configurations with less depth needed
    • Works with Dometic STIIC software to provide interactive management via smart phone, tablet, or computer, as well as secure access from Dometic global technical support

Smooth Transitions Through A Range of BTU's As Needed

At full speed, the VARCX provides cooling or heating at maximum capacity and also has the ability to modulate its speed all the way down to its lowest capacity to precisely match demand. Other chillers use a basic all-on or all-off cycle of operation, causing tremendous electrical load changes. By precisely balancing output to load, the fluctuation in loop water temperature is minimized. This smooth operation eliminates large swings in electrical demand on the generator.


Numéro SKU 9600017093 
Modèle Chiller Cond VARCX 
Modèle sur l'étiquette VARCX72 
Description du produit Variable Capacity Titanium Chiller, 72 000 BTU/h 
Dimensions profondeur du produit 647.70 mm
Dimensions hauteur du produit 609.60 mm
Dimensions largeur du produit 336.55 mm
Poids net 81.65 kg
Tension d'entrée (AC) 230 V
Fréquence d'entrée [Hz] 50/60 Hz
Protection de circuit AC min nécessaire 48.00 A
Protection de circuit AC max nécessaire 50.00 A
Réfrigérant, type R410A 
- Contient des gaz à effet de serre fluorés 
GWP 2088 
Quantité de réfrigérant 1701 g
Équivalent CO2 3,552 t
Puissance frigorifique (ISO 5151) 21101.12 W
Consommation de courant - refroidissant min 22.00 A
Consommation de courant - refroidissant max 22.00 A
Consommation de courant - chauffant min 14.00 A
Consommation de courant - chauffant max 14.00 A
EAN-13 7315091243834 
Dimensions profondeur du colis 942.34 mm
Dimensions hauteur du colis 889 mm
Dimensions largeur du colis 787.4 mm
Poids net du colis 118.99 kg