Dometic Proheat X30

X30 Auxiliary Heater

The Dometic Proheat X30 provides pre-heat and auxiliary heat to help equipment and passengers perform in the coldest environments. The X30 integrates and smartly adapts to virtually any application to provide reliable performance. Combining new innovative technologies and over 25 years of heater know-how, the X30 is ready whenever and wherever.
n° d'article : 9600026644
Easy to Mount
Easy to Mount

Multiple mounting points


Integrated oxygen sensor keeps heater cleaner, longer

Self Contained
Self Contained

Integrated coolant pump


Aluminum and steel components for maximum life

Dometic Proheat X30
...And more
    • Modulating Heat Output to suit changing heating system parameters and load: 15 to 31 kBTU/hr
    • Closed Loop Combustion Control using integrated O2 Sensor for dependable performance
    • Adaptive Smart Controls for optimum system temperature and heater longevity
    • 10 to 30 VDC Input Voltage: Self-selects to match application
    • Low Pressure Fuel Nozzle for safe and reliable cold start ability
    • Flexible installation and control options to fit many different applications
    • Single unit capable of heating both equipment & passenger compartment

The Smart Coolant Heater You Can Depend On

The Dometic Proheat X30 is the next generation of diesel fired auxiliary heater you can rely on to tackle cold winter days. With 31000 BTU/hr of fluid heating capacity, the X30 is powerful enough to heat equipment and provide passenger comfort in one compact package. Packed with industry leading technology, the X30 provides heating performance you can depend on. 


Numéro SKU 9600026644 
Modèle Proheat X30 
Description du produit X30 Auxiliary Heater 
Dimensions profondeur du produit 312 mm
Dimensions hauteur du produit 251 mm
Dimensions largeur du produit 256 mm
Poids net 16.3 kg
Dimensions profondeur du colis 408 mm
Dimensions hauteur du colis 307 mm
Dimensions largeur du colis 403 mm
Poids net du colis 0 kg