Dometic SeaStar Pro Outboard Cylinder

Outboard Cylinder Front Mount, Inverted Plate

The SeaStar Pro Front Mount Outboard Cylinders have keyed support brackets to prevent racking of the cylinder which gives it a more solid feel and more robust bushings. SeaStar PRO Outboard cylinders are suited for all those critical high speed, single powered outboard boats, like Bass, Flats, combo Race/Ski and other performance orientated boats capable of speeds in excess of 65mph.
n° d'article : 9130001035 (  HC6358-3  )
Dometic Boat Yamaha


Numéro SKU 9130001035 
Modèle SeaStar Outboard Cylinders 
Description du produit Outboard Cylinder Front Mount, Inverted Plate 
Dimensions profondeur du produit 4 7/8 "
Dimensions largeur du produit 21 3/4 "
Poids net 13.10 lbs
8.34 oz
8.00 "
Puissance nominale en chevaux 350.00 hp
1500.00 psi
Coloris Black 
Type de fluide autorisé SeaStar steering fluid 
0.75 "
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