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Dometic SeaWays Go

SeaWays Go autopilot kit, heading mode only: 15' harness, tee connector, mounting hardware, EPSK1700

The Dometic Seaways Go Autopilot is designed to work with both Optimus electro-hydraulic and electric outboard steering systems. It takes advantage of the components that make up the Optimus EPS system, so that no additional parts are needed. Smart algorithms are used to prevent constant corrections and movement, resulting in a smoother and more comfortable journey.

Pas disponible en ligneNuméro d'article: 9600029640 (EPSK1700)

Single or multi-engine Optimus EPS outboard vessels

Affordable point-and-go autopilot system

Save money with no need for additional pumps

Display heading information on compatible multifunctional displays

Holds magnetic heading only

Connects to CAN2 (private) or CAN3 (public)

Simple single-step calibration


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