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Dometic SeaStar Pro Rear Mount Helm

Designed for the performance boater, Dometic SeaStar Pro is the ultimate steering system for high-speed single engine outboards. As the premier SeaStar Solutions No Feedback System, Dometic SeaStar Pro delivers uncompromising steering control! Suited for all those critical high speed outboard powered boat applications like Bass, Flats, Combo Race and Ski, and other performance boats capable of speeds in excess of 60 MPH. Dometic SeaStar Pro has steered the Bass Masters since 1994 and is the choice of high performance outboard boat builders.

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Behind-dash mounting configuration

4.25 turns lock-to-lock

Compact helm - needs only 3" dash hole

Standard 3/4" steering shaft

Fast, easy installation

Meets A.B.Y.C and N.M.M.A. standards

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