Dometic VGLP

Vacuum Generator, 12 V

Where space is limited, the low-profile, high-powered Dometic VG3 is the perfect vacuum generator solution. Provided as a single unit, the whisper-quiet vacuum pump and sturdy polyethylene vacuum chamber can also be installed separately to accommodate unique applications.
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True vacuum power

In limited spaces, the low-profile, high-powered Dometic VGLP vacuum generator is the perfect fit. The whisper-quiet vacuum pump and sturdy vacuum chamber can be installed together or separately to accommodate unique applications. Powerful vacuum energy instantly clears the bowl when flushed. Components are pre-assembled, wired and vacuum tested for performance integrity.
True vacuum power
Dometic VGLP
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    • 12 V DC or 24 V DC
    • Ultra-quiet: remotely installed outside of head compartment
    • Adjustable components accommodate diverse layouts
    • Pre-assembled and wired vacuum pump and vacuum tank


The Dometic VG3 features a J series vacuum generator. As the most powerful and efficient vacuum source for pleasure boat toilet systems, J series vacuum generators offer boat builders more reasons than ever to install premium VacuFlush toilet systems. Remotely installed outside of the head compartment, VacuFlush vacuum generators work much more quietly than macerator toilet motors. System-wide vacuum instantly clears the bowl the moment the VacuFlush toilet is flushed. Along with delivering the most efficient water and power consumption among electric heads, J series vacuum generators are easier to install than ever. Their small size and intake and discharge capabilities permit versatile placement to meet virtually any marine plumbing system configuration.


Numéro SKU 9108554934 
Modèle VG3 
Modèle sur l'étiquette VGLP12 
Pièces fournies Vacuum Generator, fittings, Hose lube 
Description du produit Vacuum Generator, 12 V 
Dimensions profondeur du produit 736.6 mm
Dimensions hauteur du produit 203.2 mm
Dimensions largeur du produit 254 mm
Poids net 7.26 kg
Tension d'entrée (DC) 12 V
EAN-13 0087735115759 
Dimensions profondeur du colis 771.39 mm
Dimensions hauteur du colis 222.25 mm
Dimensions largeur du colis 288.79 mm
Poids net du colis 7.94 kg