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From full-time law student to full-time waterman

Wade Papenfus

Wade Papenfus grew up on in the sunshine state of Queensland, Australia. Blessed with a year-round tropical climate and beautiful oceans paired with an appetite for adventure it was almost unavoidable that Wade became the ocean-loving adventure chaser that he has. Wade lives a lifestyle fuelled by his next adventure exploring new locations across Queensland. Whether he is putting his arm confidently down crab holes or capturing the perfect wave on camera from his Jet you can guarantee that no matter where Wade is, he is sure to find hidden untouched gems wherever he is.  
Follow Wades' adventures on Instagram at @wadepapenfus and on YouTube at Offshore Tales 

It seems like you’re in or on the water more than you are out of it. Can you tell us about your passion for the water and ocean and where it came from?

“As a little kid, I was always drawn to the ocean. For me, it was a playground where I could do all the things I love. As I’ve grown older, I have realised that it is more than just this, it’s a place where I have no worries, no stress, a place where I can go to heal and enjoy the purest form of nature possible. The ocean calms me down and makes me feel pure elation.”

 You’ve just finished your law degree, congratulations! What are you focusing on now and what are you most passionate about?

 “I’m honoured that I have had the opportunity to study, as it has taught me a lot of skills that I can implement into my life. Fortunately, it has also highlighted my passions: content creation and ocean adventure. It’s been hard, but it has made me realise that life is about waking up every morning and being excited for what the day holds.

You’ve been using the Dometic Patrol box on some of your recent adventures, can you tell us how you’ve been finding it and what you like most about it?

“I have been blown away with these Dometic Patrol boxes. I recently did a fishing mission where I caught a tuna and was too tired to clean the fish, I added ice and left the box in the sun for 2 days before returning. When I came back, I thought the fish was going to be rotten and gross. I was blown away when I saw that the fish was still ice cold and solid 2 days later. Absolutely incredible! Additionally, they are so versatile having all the added extras like the rod holder and drink holder for my trips!”

Wade Papenfus
Wade Papenfus
Wade Papenfus
You share a lot of your water adventures in and around the Gold Coast on your social media (@wadepapenfus) and both your Instagram and YouTube has grown rapidly over the last few months, what do you put this down to and do you have any big dreams for your platforms in the future?

I have always been addicted to working hard for the things I love. I’m addicted to every part of this life, I hyper analyse the places I go, the ideas for my videos, the songs I use and the way I can become the best. I understand that big achievements take time but I’m trying to ride the fastest lane I can to get there and it is only possible through hard work.

You’re looking at getting a new boat later in 2022, if you could get your hands on your dream boat what would it be?

“My dream boat would be a beautiful centre cabin with a nice deep V hull. This would allow me to take cover in the cabin for overnight trips and still have the versatile front space to fish and explore.”

What was your most memorable catch and why?  

“My most memorable catch would have to be the Wahoo I landed solo off my jet ski off the Gold Coast. It was a monster and took some of the biggest runs I've ever seen. These fish are the second fastest in the ocean and can swim close to 80km hour. I thought my reel was going to catch on fire when the fish was screaming off! One of the most beautifully prized fish in the ocean and a day I’ll never forget.”


*A Wahoo is a scombrid fish found worldwide in tropical and subtropical seas. They grow from 1.6 - 1.8m long and can weigh between 40-50 kg. It is best known to sports fishermen, as its speed and high-quality flesh makes it a prized and valued game fish. In Hawaii, the wahoo is known as ono.