Dometic SeaStar Helm Tilt Sport

SeaStar Sport Tilt Helm, 1.7 Cubic Inches

The Dometic SeaStar Helm Tilt Sport is the ultimate in tilt steering technology, brought to you by the most trusted name in pleasure boat steering.
Cikksz.: 9130000994

Control in comfort

Dometic Tilt Steering Helms deliver unsurpassed performance and flexibility. Preloaded dual taper bearings ensure minimal excess free play and shaft seals prevent water ingress. These helms are maintenance free and fit most styled and formed dashes. Available for use in hydraulic and mechanical systems.
Control in comfort
Dometic Bass Boat
Dometic SeaStar Helm Tilt Sport
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    • Newly designed tilt mechanism
    • Smooth operation and feel
    • Reduces driver fatigue
    • Five wheel positions allow adjustment to most comfortable steering position
    • 48° tilt range (12° down, 36° up)
    • Available in 1.7, 2.0. and 2.4 cubic inch displacements
    • Remote fill point

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SKU-szám 9130000994 
Modell SeaStar Helm TILT SPORT 
Termékleírás SeaStar Sport Tilt Helm, 1.7 Cubic Inches 
Üzemi hőmérséklet min. -18.00 °C
Üzemi hőmérséklet max. 77.00 °C
Szín Black