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Dometic Xtreme CCX633

Xtreme Control Cable Assembly, 3300 CC, 114'

Dometic Xtreme Control cables have a patented splined core for smoother control without sacrificing precision. The HDPE outer casing offers durability and excellent resistance to UV and chemicals. This CCX633 series cable is a replacement for 3300 CC premium cables.
numero articolo: 9130002290
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Dometic Xtreme CCX633
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    • Unique XTREME technology with patented splined core
    • Coated core element provides maximum smoothness with minimal lost motion
    • Black HDPE outer casing for durability and excellent resistance to UV and chemicals
    • Ridges on the core allow a close fit with cable’s inner liner, but with minimum contact so the core glides smoothly
    • Drop-in replacement cables are engineered as replacements for original equipment cables
    • Cables use the existing connection components


Codice SKU 9130002290 
Modello 33C Style 
Descrizione prodotto Xtreme Control Cable Assembly, 3300 CC, 114' 
Dimensioni profondità prodotto 0 "
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Dimensioni larghezza prodotto 0 "
114.00 feet
Peso pacco 0 lbs