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Dometic SeaStar SSC62 29'

Quick Connect Steering Cable, 29'

The Dometic SeaStar SSC62 type cable is a standard quick connect rotary cable. These cables have a simple snap in connection for easy installation and a trapped nut that stays in place during cable routing.
numero articolo: 9130005336
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How to measure steering cables

When replacing a cable, measure twice and order once. If possible, find the part number stamped on the plastic jacket of the old cable. For rotary cables, if you removed the old cable, measure the plastic cable jacket in inches, add 18 inches and round up to the next foot. Order that length cable.
How to measure steering cables
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Dometic SeaStar SSC62 29'
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    • Simple snap in connection for easy installation.
    • Trapped nut engine connection stays in place during cable routing.
    • Tightly controlled core to conduit fit to offer precise steering.
    • The outer jacket is constructed with HDPE, a high density polyethylene material that is abrasion resistant and provides a high resistance to water penetration.
    • Output ends are constructed of stainless steel material for corrosion resistance.
    • All Dometic SeaStar steering cables exceed ABYC safety standards and ISO/IMCI/NMMA certification requirements.
    • Fits: SH5150P, SH4910P, SH4920P, SH5094-1P, SH91190P, SH91526P, SH91527P, SH91523-1P.


Codice SKU 9130005336 
Modello SSC62 
Descrizione prodotto Quick Connect Steering Cable, 29' 
Dimensioni profondità prodotto 27 "
Dimensioni altezza prodotto 20 "
Dimensioni larghezza prodotto 3 1/2 "
29.00 feet
Peso netto 14.83 lbs
Dimensioni profondità pacco 27 "
Dimensioni altezza pacco 20 "
Dimensioni larghezza pacco 3 1/2 "
Peso pacco 14.83 lbs